Below are some of my top posts, plus a collection of other valuable long form content.

My top posts

Curated selection of long form content

Investor Perspective of Crypto

  • Cambridge Associates, one of the leading voices for institutional investors, wrote this post on why institutional investors should begin exploring the blockchain space. It is one of the best succinct posts on why this space matters, the different asset structures that out there, and overall big picture trend of the space. 

  • John Pfeffer, formerly a partner at KKR, lays out the institutional investors take on Bitcoin. It dives further than the Cambridge Associates piece above and lays out the massive market potential cryptoassets as a whole are going after.

Financial Systems

  • Richard Gendal Brown, back in 2014 wrote this amazing piece on how equity moves around the traditional financial settlement system . This post deconstructs how and why the system is setup the way it is today and is an invaluable post for really understanding the infrastructure underpinning the securities market. 

  • Khan Academy has a great video which explains how credit cards networks work, including all of the core concepts (issuers, acquirers, interchange fees, etc.) and how the whole ecosystem fits together.

Technology (Open source, Bitcoin, Mining)

Crypto 101